Finish Work

We know it’s been a while but we’re back with another example of things you can do in your home to give it a more updated look.

One of the things that can either make your house look up to date and chic or like it is straight out of the 80’s is the finish work, or the trim throughout the house. As Max says, “It’s what makes the house look pretty.” 

By adding little things here and there throughout the home, you can easily create a new and fresh look. Below are some ideas from a recent home where we were working.


The picture above is an example of a newer type of chair rail. Using MDF, the slats can be positioned at different widths, depending on what you want as a customer to give your walls a little more character.


This is the entry door with a colonial style header (the section above the door) which gives it a simple, yet elegant look. You can see the finished product of the chair rail to the sides.


Another view of the chair rail. To create a finished look before painting, it is best to use a little bit of caulking in each of the edges, which helps keep the paint from cracking later on.


The colonial header above this door matches the one in the front entry.


A full view of the entry with finished chair rail.


The crown mould and base at the top and bottom of the walls helps to give this room a little more character while allowing the room to be a little more customizable through decor.


Using walnut wood, we ripped, or cut down, the pieces for this mantel. It was later stained this darker color, which matched well with the finished color of the walls.

What inspiration are you looking for to put together your home?

3 Responses to “Finish Work”
  1. Dawn says:

    LOVE this! It’s exactly what I have been wanting to do in our entry way, but needed to find a good picture to show my husband 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from The Monday Pin It Party, Dawn from

  2. Abby says:

    Gorgeous! Amazing what a difference little extra wood around things can make!

  3. Carrie From Carrie This Home says:

    Great tips! This turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for linking up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

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